Friday, December 21, 2012

Tired of limp elf limbs?

I know I am. Ha!

I was getting so frustrated at this whole Elf On The Shelf thing because I was so limited! This stinking elf wouldn't pose the way I wanted her to or the glue dots I would use wouldn't stick. By morning she'd just look limp and silly.

Tonight I had a moment. A real moment of genius! 

Granted I have only two more nights of Lilliana Roxelle Josette (yes, that's the name my barely 5 year old gave her), so I'm a little slow, but it is amazing nonetheless! I decided that what this elf needs is wire in her limbs! 

Yes! I know!! Why didn't I think of it sooner!

Here's how I did it.

I grabbed some paddle wire because that's what was in reach. 

I pulled a long piece of twisted it and twisted it to itself to give it strength and folded it the twisted a little more to get it the right length. 

I'm sorry Lilliana....this might hurt a little....

Then I snipped a teeny tiny hole in the bottom if Lilliana's arm and at her leg seams.

Then I stuck the wire in, gave her a little stitch, and away we go!

Hey, hold this for me, would ya? Because now you CAN!

Poseable!! Yay!!!

Look! She can hold a crayon!   

And pop her little leg! Yes!

You're welcome :)


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