Sunday, December 9, 2012


 I've been on a bit of a wreath kick lately.  
I have enjoyed layering natural elements with soft fabrics, textures, and some glitz!

This first wreath I made for a friend of mine to hang on a black front door.  She wanted it visible but not "overly ostentatious" .  I used a straw wreath layered with a grapevine wreath.   

I love the icy pine cones :) 

I made this one for another friend of mine.  She loves purple, but her husband isn't as big of a fan, so I tried to make it a little understated.  It's layering of the grapevine and straw wreaths again that I wrapped with a really vintage-looking violet fabric that helped it not be SO purple.   

I made this one for my mom.  I like the color combination on this one. I hung it with a wide red ribbon and it brought the color full circle. 

This one, well two - I have a double front door -  I made for myself this past Autumn.  I have a covered porch, so I felt it was okay to use feathers in the arrangement.  I love all the different textures. 
Apparently I liked layering the wreath frames this year.

 And this is a couple that I made for myself for Christmas.  Sorry, the pictures aren't really clear.  I wrapped a straw frame and then rolled the edges of paper circles in glitter and then stuck them onto the frame like 'flowers'.  I really love these wreathes! I used them last Christmas and they weathered so well, that I am using them again this year! 

 Thanks for looking!

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