Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Pine Cones

I made these fun little winter pine cones to cheer me up this winter,
because where I live in Ohio we never ever see the sun. Seriously. Never. It's so depressing. 
These pretty little lovelies ought to help a bit.

They're really easy. I just used left over wall paint (white & dark grey) and glitter.
I dipped them in the paint, holding them over it for a minute until they stop dripping.
Put them on foil or wax paper on a cookie sheet to dry.
While they were still wet I added glitter. I did keep moving them to new spots as they dried
because the paint would pool under them. Took about 24 hours to dry.

I've seen online where people used some sort of hanger to dip them. Just use your fingers! So they get paint on them, big deal. It washes off and it's way easier than trying to finagle a hook around them.
They did close up a bit as they dried, but I'm still happy with them.
They have a crisp, clean look.  My fave is the dark gray with dark gray glitter.  Enjoy!

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