Saturday, December 8, 2012

E's My Little Pony Birthday Party

I have a pretty busy couple of weeks this time of year.  Thanksgiving and 3 birthdays hit within 10 days of each other usually!  It's crazy busy.  I honestly don't know how I survive.  

Here are a few pictures from my daughter's birthday party.  
She's a big fan of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, and she just had to have a party featuring them!  

So here is the party table! I made a rainbow on the wall (unfortunately for picture's sake, it had to be in front of a window) made of tulle that I purchased at JoAnn's.  I had some poly-fill in the basement that I used to make a cloud, and I also came across these super cute twinkling star battery operated Christmas lights that I wove into the cloud! It turned out super cute.  
I got the inspiration for the rainbow here

The gift table was pretty simple - fuchsia satin cloth, purple "pony tail" ribbons, and balloons hanging from the ceiling.  

The show stopper was the cake!  My mom and my cousin made the cake and it turned out so Ah-Mazing!
E's favorite character is Rainbow dash and my cousin, Allie painted her on top, while my mom, Jo Ellen, baked the cake and decorated the sides with Skittles.  It was awesome.

It was a RAINBOW CAKE!!!  I was even surprised when I cut into it!  

I also made these super cute party favors!  I picked up nail polishes that matched the colors of each pony character, and then made curly ribbon "manes" that matched the ponies as well!  I then glued on pictures of the ponies for E's sake.  I threw them in a clear bag with a pretty nail file, a pony fruit snack pack and sealed it all up with a rainbow ribbon and paper cloud. Adorable! 

Thanks for looking!
~ Jessie


  1. It all looks so cute! You did a really great job putting it all together & the nail polish was a great idea! ~Jackie

  2. so cute! i have lots of ideas for my daughter's party now!

  3. I just found this post via pinterest and wanted to say how refreshing it was to see an adorable party that wasn't over the top. I really love what you did, the cake was stunning, the rainbow decoration awesome and especially seeing cute simple party favours that weren't huge gift bags full of stuff!

    1. Thank you, Lila! The over the top parties are overwhelming and unrealistic for those of us in the real world with real budgets! Haha! So, that being said, I really appreciate your comment very much! **high five!**

  4. Thank you for sharing! Love your nail polish ideas!

  5. Dear Jessi,

    I'm not lying: Do you still have the tulle and would sell it to me?
    Contact me at:


    Best regards,


  6. It looks like a professional did this! Do you happen to have a recipe for the cake? If so, can you send it to

  7. We are doing a rainbow dash party and I fell in love with your tulle rainbow! how did you get it to stay upbbb on the wall?

  8. Hi Jessie I realize I'm about 3 years late reading your blog but I loved everything about your MLP party...doing one for my 6 year old and would like to know what you used for the clouds and where did you get that it cotton???

  9. Gorgeous birthday bash. I am so thankful to you for sharing these photos here. Actually I would like to use some of your party ideas in my niece’s upcoming birthday bash. But we are very interested to book some outdoor party Venues in NYC. If you have any recommendations, then please share here!